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Crux Power Climbing

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Climb, Run, Bike, and play with the all new Crux Power Frameless Sunglasses. Our sunglasses feature a comfortable, fully adjustable, rubber nose pad. Meaning you can push the glasses up your nose until they touch your face, and they won't move from that position until you reposition them. The Crux Power sunglasses are designed to fit all sizes of heads, all the way from youth, to men and women. Simply adjust the arms all the way in to the tightest setting, then slowly pull out from there until you find a level that comfortably molds around your ears. This will ensure maximum comfort and performance.

The frameless design allows you to have a full 180 degree field of vision. Meaning you can see other bikers directly to the side of you without having to turn your head, or you can see that climbing hold that would have been just out of view with framed sunglasses.

The glasses are made with premium TR90 sport frames, making them lightweight and durable. They also allow for slight flexing to handle even the toughest drops. If that doesn't put your mind at ease, the sunglasses also come with a soft carrying pouch for scratch protection, and a hard outer case for extra drop and crush protection.

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